Application Note: Improving Drug Delivery Systems with Novel Emulsion Technologies for Sterile Product Formulation
29 May 2014

This whitepaper discusses micro-encapsulation as one of the most interesting areas in modern pharmaceutical technology. It is a complex, interdisciplinary field requiring specialist knowledge of polymer science and familiarity with emulsion technology. It includes the process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to create small microcapsules that contain a multitude of critically useful properties. Due to its complexity, microencapsulation is extensively studied inside major pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes. Polymeric drug delivery devices are focused on the encapsulation of large molecules including peptides, proteins and DNA/RNA for potential use as vaccines and as long acting release drug formulations. Moreover, encapsulation is used for controlling the release of water soluble drugs. Demand for the process has led to the creation of advanced emulsion solvent evaporation/extraction based micro-encapsulation technologies.