Application Note: Improve Results for GC-ECD Analysis of Chlorinated Pesticides
13 November 2018

Many chlorinated pesticides have been banned for use because of their short- and long-term toxicity, carcinogenicity, and environmental persistence. An expanded list of these chemicals, some of which are still actively applied in the field, has been included in the updated U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 8081B. Despite the fact that most of these chlorinated pesticides are now illegal to use, manufacture, and transport in the U.S., organochlorine compounds are still a potential source of pesticide poisoning. Although most of these chlorinated pesticides have limited water solubility and mobility, they do bioaccumulate and persist in the environment. Since there is an ongoing risk for exposure from a number of sources, it is still essential to test soils, wastewater, and sediments for their presence.