Application Note: Figure Out Aggregation Early: Simultaneous, Independent Measurements of B22 and kD on UNcle
6 January 2018

With the trend in biopharmaceuticals to move towards high concentration therapeutics, developing a well-formulated biologic is more important than ever. After ranking and refining down to a set of highly stable molecules, or honing down to good formulations with measurements like Tm and Tagg, the next critical step is reducing the risk of candidates aggregating at high concentrations. The diffusion interaction parameter (kD) and the second virial coefficient (B22) are both well-established parameters for predicting the colloidal stability and the aggregation propensity of proteins. These measurements may be used to confirm stability and minimize the risk of your molecule interacting with itself. With just minutes needed to collect the data, and experiments done at lower concentrations, do it earlier in your process and save time and sample.