Scientific Poster: Comparison of a chromatographic performance for bioinert HPLC column hardware to standard HPLC hardware
29 November 2023

Many large biomolecules, such as nucleotides, proteins/peptides, and metal-coordinating compounds, are prone to surface interactions. These unwanted interactions can have a significantly negative impact on the performance of chromatographic methodology. Over the years, several approaches have been proposed to mitigate the issues caused by these unwanted interactions. A very effective technique is to utilize a surface coating on the column body and frit that makes them bioinert. This scientific poster from YMC America, Inc., details the comparison of chromatographic performance for HPLC hardware with a bioinert surface coating and typical stainless steel HPLC column hardware. Furthermore, the note explains how this coating shows excellent peak shapes for highly adsorptive substances, and how it is especially ideal for use in highly sensitive LC/MS analyses since it prevents carry over and ensures complete recovery without column preconditioning.