Application eBook: Automated liquid handling: Meeting the needs of the modern lab
15 November 2022

Precise handling of liquids is essential to almost all scientific experiments, but in this modern age, manual pipetting alone is not enough to keep up with the requirements of most laboratories. Scientists now demand greater efficiency from their workflows – a trend that has been further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic – inspiring the development of innovative pipetting solutions to dramatically improve throughput.

Download this application compendium to discover a range of topical resources that detail the effective incorporation of both automated and semi-automated liquid handling technologies across four essential lab techniques: cell culture, cell screening, sample extraction and purification, and PCR.

The eBook explores these core techniques using worked examples spanning a variety of pressing topics, including: 

  • Automated 3D cell-based assay solutions
  • Precise and automated cell seeding
  • Genotyping with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot
  • Transfection-grade plasmid DNA purification
  • Rapid purification of DNA from cell and tissue samples
  • Automation of RNA extraction and purification
  • Genotyping assay and sample screening
  • Semi-automated rapid IVD amplification test
  • Fully automated PCR assay set-up
  • Rapid detection of HPV high-risk strains