Application eBook: Trends in untargeted food analysis
6 December 2022

One of the fastest growing issues faced by the food industry is the increasing threat of unknown and emerging food contaminants. Whilst analytical approaches to untargeted food analysis have improved significantly, this type of testing can still be a daunting and time-consuming process for food scientists.

In this whitepaper, discover the importance of untargeted food analysis and learn about analytical techniques that can be used to identify unknown food contaminants. Learn about the three main areas of concern: mycotoxins, pesticides and food contact materials. Hear from experts in the industry, explore current challenges and learn about future considerations for this field of analysis. 

Download your free copy to learn more about:

  • Evolving challenges in food analysis
  • The regulatory landscape of untargeted food analysis
  • Addressing the combined analysis challenge
  • Future directions for untargeted food analysis