Application Note: Image-based analysis of a human neurosphere stem cell model for the evaluation of potential neurotoxicants
27 November 2020

This poster demonstrates the use of a 3D neurosphere model, composed of hNSCs, to conduct toxicity testing of potential neurotoxicants. A spheroid microplate was used to create and maintain cells in the 3D model. 3D neurosphere proliferation, multipotency, along with the continued capacity to differentiate into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes was initially validated. Neurotoxicity testing was then performed using neurospheres maintained in the 3D spheroid plate. Detection of induced levels of oxidative stress, apoptotic, and necrotic activity within treated neurospheres, compared to negative control spheres, was evaluated. Monitoring of cell proliferation, differentiation, multipotency and experimental testing was performed using a novel cell imaging multi-mode reader.