Application Note: Identify, access, prepare, and analyze your sample with precise navigational guidance
27 November 2023

Advanced materials researchers require a range of imaging and analysis technologies that enable them to understand materials from macro-to-sub-nanometer scales, and they require a workflow that can be used to make the best decisions possible for the best experimental outcomes. In this application note, ZEISS outlines its Sample-in-Volume Analysis workflow that aims to provide navigational guidance to characterize samples within a large volume in order to present multi-scale and multi-modality experimental findings. The workflow comprises four major elements which include, Identify the Regions of Interest (ROI), Access the ROI rapidly, Prepare samples at ROI precisely and Analyze the prepared samples. This workflow is enabled by ZEISS X-ray Microscopy, ZEISS Crossbeam laser FIB-SEM and correlative software solutions for 2D/3D imaging and analysis.