The KASP Genotyping Assay from LGC Genomics for Accurate, Flexible and Cost-Effective Genotyping

15 July 2013

The patented PCR-based KASP™ genotyping assay is a homogeneous, fluorescence (FRET) based assay that enables accurate bi-allelic discrimination of known SNPs and InDels. Its open-format enables KASP to work on any system delivering accurate, flexible genotyping solutions at break-through cost savings. With over 1,000 scientific journal publications, KASP is a proven technology that delivers more for less, better by design. LGC Genomics use KASP in their own genotyping laboratories and can provide help with your most difficult challenge. Watch the video to discover more about how the KASP genotyping assay works and request a free trial package to use on your instruments.