Tecan Freedom EVO® PCR Workstation - Straightforward Automation of PCR Reaction Set-Up

27 February 2014

Looking for effortless touchscreen operation and step-by-step instructions to set up PCR reactions? The TouchTools™ PCR Wizard offers straightforward automation of PCR reaction set-up on the Freedom EVO® PCR workstation, using the high precision air displacement pipetting arm. The Wizard simplifies reaction set-up for a wide range of applications – from end-point, real-time and multiplex PCR protocols, to sequencing, genotyping and gene expression methods, as well as pathogen and mutagenesis detection – helping to reduce training time and costs for research and diagnostic laboratories. The PCR Wizard’s intuitive TouchTools interface and step-by-step instructions guide users through the setup process, allowing sample information to be entered manually, imported from a file or identified by barcode scanning. Users can quickly and easily optimize 96- and 384-well PCR plate layouts to meet specific workflow needs, allowing up to 96 Master Mixes and multiple PCR plates per run, with their own controls and dilution curves. The worktable layout for each experiment is visually displayed, outlining where all necessary reagents and labware should be placed, as well as the volume and quantity of each item required to complete the run, minimizing the risk of failed experiments. Seamless data transfer to Bio-Rad and Life Technologies real-time cyclers avoids transcription errors, and optional integrated sample tracking further increases process security.