Hematology Analyzer for Low-volume Workloads: DxH 520 Beckman Coulter

10 January 2019

The DxH 520 hematology analyzer delivers high-quality results you can trust with only three reagents and very small 17 μL closed tube aspiration—ideal for infants, geriatric, oncology and critical care patients. The low-volume analyzer is designed for safety, dependability and accuracy. Closed tube sampling limits operator risk. High reliability—with a demonstrated uptime rate of 98.5%—means you can count on system performance. Dynamic gating enables improved flagging and fewer slide reviews while maintaining effective clinical sensitivity. With the DxH 520, you can spend more time on patient care and less on operational tasks through efficiencies like automated cleaning and background checks, reagent replacement in five minutes or less, and access to any screen in three clicks or less.