Weighing precision management: How to meet USP41 compliance
14 Jan 2021

Measuring weight with accuracy and precision remains one of the most vital requirements for scientists working in regulated, life science, pharmaceutical or QC laboratories.

In this webinar, A&D Instruments’ Senior Product Manager of Laboratory Solutions, Jennifer Block, will provide an overview of the innovative solutions found in the A&D Apollo series of analytical laboratory balances. She will explain how electronically controlled load (ECL) technology allows automatic precision assessment at the touch of a button, without the need for external weights and service bodies that cost time, money, and can introduce uncertainties. The advantages and applications of informational tools enabled by ECL technology such as diagnostic check (Dia-check), QuickMin-S and Min-S-Alert will also be discussed, with particular reference to how these features can enable users and service technicians to ensure operations are USP41 compliant.

How these balances can be used to determine minimum sample weight in extremely challenging environments such as fume or laminar flow hoods and production lines will also be demonstrated. Critically, innovations within the Apollo series that ensure preventative maintenance, protection management, and adherence to good data management, documentation and compliance practices will be highlighted.

Key learning objectives

  • How to achieve full USP41 compliance
  • Precision management capabilities of ECL technology
  • Diagnostic Check, QuickMin-S and MinS-Alert applications for smart weighing
  • Preventative maintenance, protection and good data management solutions

Who should attend?

  • Balance users working in regulated, life science, pharmaceutical or QC laboratories required to have USP41 compliance
  • Analytical labs seeking weighing practices with greater accuracy and repeatably
  • Weighing service providers interested in having a new diagnostic tool in their toolkit

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can access a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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