Webinar series: The new way of measuring kinetics: Virtual product launch of the waveRAPID®
02 Feb 2021

Introducing waveRAPID® from Creoptix, the new way of measuring kinetics to boost throughput. Instead of relying on a titration series, the waveRAPID® system injects a single concentration, pulsing the sample over the sensing surface at increasing durations, meaning kinetics can be derived from a single well. With no need for serial dilutions or DMSO corrections, set-up time is significantly reduced, runs are faster, and wells are freed up to run more samples.

Join our fantastic line up of scientists from both industry and academia on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 for a virtual launch event, produced in partnership with Creoptix. Experts in kinetics, Dr. Michael Hennig, Dr. Thomas Schubert, Dr. Nicolas Bocquet, Prof. Helena Danielson, and Dr. Kaspar Cottier will share how innovative technology can be used to study structural biology and biological interactions and explain the importance of kinetic measurements in the screening and discovery of novel drug molecules.

Session 1

waveRAPID®: The new way of measuring kinetics

Webinar and live Q&A with Dr. Kaspar Cottier, CTO & Founder of Creoptix

Join this webinar to learn more about waveRAPID®, the rapid, new way of measuring kinetics and improving lab productivity.

Session 2

Use of waveRAPID® method in drug discovery strategies for membrane proteins

Webinar and live Q&A with Dr. Nicolas Bocquet, Senior Scientist at leadXpro

Join this webinar to find out why biophysical data are key in structure-based drug design, especially for membrane proteins, how waveRAPID® is being used for lead compound discovery, and how waveRAPID® combines primary and secondary screens in one step.

Session 3

Rapid kinetics for fragments

Webinar and live Q&A with Prof. Helena Danielson, Professor of Biochemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden

Join this webinar to find out how fragment kinetics can be resolved, how the extraction of essential information depends on appropriate experimental design, and how novel biosensor technologies provide new possibilities for drug discovery.

Session 4

Acceleration in drug discovery

Join this roundtable discussion to hear from experts in kinetics, across industry and academia:

  • Dr. Michael Hennig (CEO of leadXpro)
  • Dr. Thomas Schubert (CEO of 2bind)
  • Prof. Helena Danielson (Professor at Uppsala University)
  • Dr. Kaspar Cottier (CTO & Founder of Creoptix)

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