TST or IGRA in healthcare workers: The when and the why
01 Nov 2022

Healthcare personnel are at increased risk of tuberculosis (TB) infection. In this webinar, Dr. Wendy Thanassi, professor and Director of Workforce Health at Stanford Medical Center and Hospital, will give an overview of screening healthcare professionals for TB infection. She will discuss the risks of TB infection and latent TB reactivation in the occupational health setting, and describe current testing guidelines. She will also explain the operational and medical differences between the Mantoux/tuberculin skin test (TST) and modern TB blood tests (interferon-gamma release assay tests – IGRAs).

Key learning objectives

  • Learn about the operational differences between the TST and IGRAs
  • Understand the medical differences between the TST and IGRAs
  • Understand the current policy recommendations for TST and IGRA use in healthcare workers
  • Who should attend?

    Healthcare workers, clinicians, physicians, nurses, employee health directors, infectious disease specialists, and lab directors.

    Certificate of attendance

    All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.