Transcriptional and Spatial Resolution of Cell Types in the Mammalian Habenula
09 Mar 2020

The habenula complex is known as the critical hub for motivated and pathological behavioral states via its output to the midbrain nuclei. Despite this, the transcriptional definition of cell populations comprising of both the medial (MHb) and lateral habenular (LHb) subregions in mammals remains undefined.

In this SelectScience webinar, Dr. Koichi Hashikawa will discuss how he overcame this issue by performing single-cell transcriptional profiling, as well as highly multiplexed in situ hybridization experiments. The findings could be used to help identify key molecular targets within habenula cell types and provide a critical resource for future studies.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover how scRNA-seq analysis helps identify distinct cell types in the MHb and the LHb
  • Learn how highly multiplex FISH (HiPlex technology) was used to provide spatial resolution of transcriptionally defined cell types
  • Find out how transcriptional diversity in the habenula corresponds to cellular and encoding properties

Certificate of attendance

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