Therapy discovery for age-related immune system dysregulation using an automation-compatible, no-wash multiplexed immunoassay platform
15 Mar 2021

High-throughput screening (HTS) technologies play an important role in drug discovery and development. Combining HTS with multiplexing is valuable but technically challenging. FirePlex® multiplexed assay technology combines these two features. FirePlex is based on fluorescent dye encoded micro-particles and a powerful decoding workbench software. The assay platform has been adapted to interface with laboratory automation to allow multiplexing and absolute quantification of up to 10 protein analytes in a 384-well plate format.

Assay.Works is a contract research organization that develops and executes tailor-made and scalable assays for bioactivity quantification in pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research. Among other assay technologies, Assay.Works is using FirePlex.

Spring Discovery seeks to discover small molecule compounds that can rejuvenate the immune system. Spring Discovery’s platform combines data generated from multiplexed profiling of secreted factors using the FirePlex assay with multi-parametric high-content imaging to identify a suite of phenotypic features capable of distinguishing in vitro older versus younger immune cells. These phenotypic features were utilized to devise an immune-cell age score which is then used to rank compounds for their potential to serve as age-related therapies.

With the help from Assay.Works, thousands of compounds were screened using this approach. Integrating FirePlex multiplexed assay into the discovery engine helped Spring Discovery to identify a few candidate compounds which were able to make old immune cells respond more like young immune cells to viral infection.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn what FirePlex assay technology is, including the assay principle, assay workflow and technical specifications.
  • Gain an understanding of the advantages of utilizing multiplexed assay technologies in early drug discovery.
  • Learn how the features of the FirePlex assay technology make it uniquely suitable for high-throughput screening and early drug discovery.
  • Learn about Spring Discovery and its unique approach and discovery platform.
  • Learn how the FirePlex assay technology helped Spring Discovery in its screening efforts.
  • Learn about Assay.Works and the services it provides.

Who should attend?

  • Drug discovery scientists
  • Researchers interested in multiplexed assays
  • Cell-based assay developers
  • Laboratory automation specialists

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary for continuing education purposes.

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