The importance of lab water in analytical applications
18 Oct 2022

Water is the most important laboratory reagent and serves as the principal ingredient in virtually every assay buffer. Given its wide use, water quality impacts every experiment, from cell culture to sensitive analytical techniques. Having a reliable source of high-quality water that delivers the right volume and purity of water is a vital part of operating a lab.

This webinar will provide a general overview of laboratory water and common purification technologies. Topics to be discussed will include feed water source, common impurities, regulations, and other important considerations when using lab water for analytical applications.

  1. Gain a general overview of lab water
  2. Learn about the standards for lab water
  3. Understand the common impurities in water and how they affect the results of analytical assays
  4. Discover which water purification systems are best suited for analytical applications

Who should attend?

Lab technicians and researchers that use lab water in general but also for analytical applications

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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