The evolution of immune cell killing assays through advanced cell models and data analytics
06 Sep 2019

The ability to visualize and quantify the death of tumor cells through the action of immune cells is key to developing and understanding cancer therapies. This process has been accelerated through the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, enabling the development of analysis tools and models that have evolved the immune cell killing assay. While these cell co-culture models are complex, the use of live-cell imaging in combination with advanced data analysis offers in-depth biological insights in both tumor and immune cell populations like never before. Furthermore, advances in physiological relevance have been enabled through the development of advanced 3D models.

In this short webinar, Nicola Bevan will discuss:

  • How real-time live-cell analysis of immune cell killing can facilitate research
  • How advanced data analysis can add extra biological insight
  • Examples of advanced, physiologically-relevant 3D immune cell killing models
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