The benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions
19 May 2021

The adoption of cloud-based solutions continues to grow in laboratories across all scientific industries. Organizations are considering the many advantages of adopting cloud-based solutions, such as financial and operational benefits, all which support driving laboratory productivity upwards. For new laboratories implementing a solution for the first time, cloud can provide a quick road to go-live with low capital expenditure and minimal resources to run and manage the system. For existing laboratories looking to modernize their infrastructure, the benefits are seen through lowered IT costs and unmatched scalability. Having data easily accessible, but more securely protected, allows for an increase of collaboration and productivity across teams and locations. The benefits of a cloud-first approach can ultimately support laboratories by providing them with enhanced security, scalability, access and performance.

In this webinar, cloud expert James Pena, Thermo Fisher Scientific, will discuss:

  • How the adoption of cloud-based solutions is influencing the industry
  • The major benefits of a cloud infrastructure
  • Strategies for customer or vendor-managed cloud deployments
  • Processes and strategies to move existing infrastructure to the cloud
  • Real-world cloud deployment examples

Who should attend?

  • Laboratory management
  • Laboratory IT specialists
  • Laboratory personnel

This webinar is a part of The Orchestrated Lab webinar series, being run in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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