Sony CGX10 Cell Isolation System: An introduction and examples of use in protocols for generating cell therapy products using multiparametric selection
17 Nov 2022

Commonly employed cell purification platforms for large-scale enrichment and isolation of immune cells or stem cells for cell therapy applications separate cells based on a single surface antigen. Enrichment based on multiple cell surface markers or different expression levels of these markers often requires the use of a traditional cell sorter.

In this webinar we will describe the use of the Sony CGX10 Cell Isolation System, a fully closed system suitable for GMP-compliant cell sorting. The CGX10 Cell Isolation System utilizes a novel microfluidics technology to achieve high purity cell isolation within a closed and sterile microfluidics chip. We will also discuss some examples and share data on utilizing the CGX10 Cell Isolation System in different cell and gene therapy manufacturing workflows enabling fully closed, high speed, high purity, multiparametric, fluorescence-based selection of target cells.

Key learning objectives

  • Utilization of multi parametric selection in cell and gene therapy manufacturing workflows
  • Deployment of GMP-ready fluorescence based cell sorting in a typical CAR-T workflows
  • Advantages of using the CGX10 Cell Isolation System in cell and gene therapy manufacturing workflows

Certificate of attendance

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