Single-cell multiomic analysis of T cell exhaustion in vitro
14 Dec 2021

This webinar will demonstrate how the power of a single-cell multiomic approach can be harnessed to comprehensively characterize T cells, and precisely monitor changes in differentiation, activation, and exhaustion signatures during in vitro cell stimulation.

Dr. Mirko Corselli, senior scientific marketing manager at BD Biosciences, will describe how simultaneous assessment of 38 proteins and 399 genes led to a refined definition of T cell maturational states, and to the identification of a donor-specific subset of terminally differentiated T cells. Corselli will then describe how distinct activation statuses corresponding to immunophenotypic and functional changes associated with T cell exhaustion were identified using an in vitro chronic stimulation model. Finally, the development of a flow cytometry assay for the validation and detection of biomarkers of interest discovered through the multiomic analysis will be discussed.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to compare flow cytometry and AbSeq (CITE-Seq) technology data
  • Benefits of simultaneous protein and mRNA analysis for high resolution and comprehensive characterization of unknown populations
  • Bioinformatic tools to analyze single-cell multiomic data
  • How to develop a flow cytometry panel starting from a multiomic protein and mRNA screening

Who Should Attend

  • Immunologists interested in taking cell characterization to the next level through the complementary use of familiar and new technologies, such as flow cytometry and single-cell multiomics

BD Biosciences