Sample preparation strategies for oligonucleotides bioanalytical workflows
10 Dec 2020

Synthetic oligonucleotides represent a growing therapeutic modality. One analytical challenge in development is supporting in vivo studies. In particular, sample preparation and extraction of oligos from various biological matrices can be quite complex. Typical workflows use a mixture of liquid-liquid extraction and solid-phase extraction (SPE) to isolate the oligo, followed by analysis by tandem mass spectrometry. This approach can be successfully implemented for many therapeutic platforms such as anti-sense oligos (ASOs) and silencing RNAs (siRNAs). However, depending on the type of biological matrix (e.g., tissue type), the standard sample preparations may not have the sample recovery nor cleanup necessary for sensitivity requirements of the method. Further, depending on the type of oligo, even established methods such as mixed mode SPE simply may not be feasible.

In this webinar, expert Brian Rivera from Phenomenex will give an overview of sample preparation strategies for synthetic oligonucleotides, including how to adjust experimental design depending on the oligo and sample matrix. The presentation will also go into depth about the critical parameters to adjust to ensure effective sample preparation and cleanup methods are implemented. Additionally, other approaches for other challenging oligos, such as peptide nucleic acids or morpholinos — which are unique in that they do not have the negatively charged backbone associated with other nucleic acid chemistries — will be discussed.

Key learning objectives:

  • Optimization of sample pretreatment and solid-phase extraction for different types of oligos
  • How to approach extraction depending on the biological matrix you want to extract your sample from, including solid tissue
  • Alternative sample prep strategies using hybridization extraction
  • How to utilize chromatography to improve method sensitivity

Who should attend?

  • Bioanalytical chemists new to working with oligonucleotides
  • Bioanalytical scientists needing to improve method sensitivity
  • Anyone new to oligonucleotide characterization by LC-MS

Certificate of attendance

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