Sample preparation and enrichment for single-cell sequencing assays
20 Jan 2021

Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA seq) has emerged as a powerful tool that can reveal complex and rare cell populations, uncover regulatory relationships between genes, and trace connections between cellular lineages in different cell types and rare populations. The high sensitivity of scRNA seq requires careful processing of the sample to ensure optimal results.

In this webinar, we will discuss the basics of sample preparation, sample cleanup and enrichment methods to obtain quality data from single-cell sequencing assays. Additionally, we will share how to leverage 10x Genomics multiplexed approaches to profile gene expression, antigen-binding specificities and classify immune cell types.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Sample input requirements for different single-cell assays
  2. Cleanup and enrichment strategies for obtaining high-quality data
  3. Leveraging multiplexed approaches for profiling immune cells

Who Should Attend

This webinar will provide insights for researchers who want to understand sample requirements and basic optimization steps for single-cell assays or who are new to single-cell sequencing.

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary for continuing education purposes.

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