Sample prep strategies for the clinical research lab
29 Oct 2021

In this webinar, join Tina Chambers, technical specialist at Agilent Technologies, as she explores and compares sample preparation strategies for clinical research laboratories, ranging from simple dilute and shoot to solid-phase extraction (SPE). Chambers will focus on solid supported liquid extraction (SLE) and enhanced protein precipitation since these techniques allow for a high level of cleanliness and reproducibility with a minimum investment of time and labor.

The matrices discussed in this webinar will include urine, serum and plasma, however questions regarding alternative matrices, such as tissue, umbilical cord, and meconium can be addressed. The strategies presented can be applied to a wide range of small molecules such as pharmaceuticals, endogenous hormones, vitamins and biomarkers.

Who should attend?

  • Lab managers
  • Lab analysts
  • Lab technicians
  • Clinical researchers

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