Raman Microscopy: A must for pharmaceutical product analysis, from formulation studies to QC
01 Dec 2020

The development of a new drug product is a long road in the pharmaceutical industry. Understanding active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and compound spatial distributions, investigating final product homogeneity, and differentiating chemically similar molecules such as polymorphs are constant challenges when working to guarantee product quality and process efficiency.

To improve this process, it’s instrumental that engineers and researchers have access to the best possible instrumentation. Enter Raman imaging microscopy.

In this webinar, Thibault Brulé, application scientist at HORIBA Scientific, will outline how Raman microscopy can help the pharmaceutical industry throughout the development and production process, from drug discovery to product formulation and passing post-marketed investigation.

Key learning objectives:

  • Through various applications examples, you will learn how Raman microscopy is a key technique for accelerating pharmaceutical studies

Who should attend?

  • Advanced academic researchers in the pharmaceutical field
  • Industrial applied and advanced R&D departments, especially formulation labs at pharmaceutical companies:
    • Major local companies and API providers
    • Medicine providers
    • Quality control labs
    • Biotechnology companies

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