Polymer Analysis using MALDI TOF
20 May 2019

For QC and R&D labs working with polymers, knowing the molecular weight, repeating units and end groups of the polymer sample is vital, while monitoring incoming goods for impurities is important for sample quality.

Compared to other analytical methods, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry can retrieve more structural information of polymers in a single, straightforward and rapid direct measurement – avoiding lengthy gradient and method development associated with traditional LC methods.

In this webinar, MALDI-TOF expert Dr. Volker Sauerland explains the benefits of MALDI-TOF and how it can enhance your QC or R&D lab’s polymer analysis. He’ll also explore fast QC methods and direct measurement of various polymers; how complex mixtures can be readily analyzed with TLC-MALDI; and how spatial distributions of polymers can be probed with MALDI Imaging

In particular, you will learn about:

  • The applicability to different polymers
  • The speed of MALDI Analysis
  • The information content for structural characterization of polymers

Who should attend:
  • Managers/staff of QC labs in the Applied Markets
  • Managers/staff of R/D labs in the Applied Markets
  • Group leaders/staff of academic labs

Bruker Daltonics