Overcome reproducibility challenges with live-cell assays using the power of whole-well imaging
21 Apr 2020

In order to understand and interpret the intricate and dynamic processes governing cell biology and related diseases, in vitro cell-based assays are the starting point for most researchers. Many scientists opt now for adding imaging to their live-cell assay analysis in order to provide important context to results, ultimately allowing a higher level of interpretation of potential drug candidates.

However working with live cells is cumbersome and burdened with challenges, with reproducibility being a major concern. In this webinar, learn about a new plate reader with live-cell imaging and real-time cytometry that can help you can overcome factors, such as insufficient replication of experiments, poor user judgement leading to poor statistical power, and variability in reagents or techniques, that can otherwise have a critical impact on experimental outcome, as well as financial and time expense.

Plus, hear from Dr. Stefan Hasenöder, Senior Scientist R & D, SIRION Biotech, as he explains how the multi-parameter automated analysis capabilities of the Tecan Spark® Cyto microplate reader have assisted the transduction and production of viral vector technologies through the analysis of cell confluence and counting, cell toxicity and transduction efficiency testing.

Learn how you can

  • Analyze more parameters faster with unique whole-well imaging
  • Automate the execution of kinetic experiments for more consistent data
  • Conduct real-time cell analysis with more experimental control
  • Achieve walk-away automation of live-cell experiments

Who should attend?

Students, postdocs, lab heads, group leaders, academia, CRO, biotech and biopharma, small and large pharma

Attendance certificate

All webinar participants can download a certificate of attendance, and a learning outcomes summary document for continuing education purposes.