Optimizing the human experience in the lab
16 Sep 2021

The most important piece of the scientific landscape is the scientist. As organizations look to build and execute a digital transformation strategy, a major focus is on how to improve the scientific experience. To maximize the output of the lab, scientists need to be free to do science, but the reality is they are often held back by inefficient processes and disconnected workflows. The lab of the future should therefore leverage digital and automation technology to optimize the scientific experience.

The first step in laboratory transformation is to connect all aspects of the laboratory. From devices and consumables to workflows and data, the main goal is to accelerate science and drive laboratory productivity. Smart instruments and consumables are enabling laboratories to improve instrument and consumable usage, reducing downtime and optimizing the use of laboratory supplies and capacity. Data analytics solutions are connecting workflows and data across different methods and instruments to enable scientists to derive insight from their data and make informed business decisions.

In this webinar, Dr. Cheryl Moody Bartel, Director of Product Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific, will look at driving digital transformation through a human lens. Focusing on technological advancements, innovative solutions, and industry trends, she will highlight how Thermo Fisher Scientific is enabling an orchestrated laboratory, connecting the people to the technology and driving industry evolution.

Key learning objectives:

  • Putting the scientist first, not the technology, to drive digital transformation
  • Enabling scientists to focus on the science by simplifying laboratory orchestration
  • Leveraging open standards and FAIR data principles to drive scientific understanding
  • Deploying emerging technologies to ensure the optimum experience for the scientist
  • Driving your organizations digital transformation journey

Who should attend:

  • Lab management
  • Scientists
  • Data specialists
  • Lab personnel

Thermo Fisher Scientific