Optimization and Quality Control of Library Preparation in Bulk and Single-Cell ATAC Sequencing
16 Oct 2023

Advancements in sequencing techniques have allowed for detailed exploration of chromatin accessibility, but the efficiency and quality of library preparation remain crucial to achieving reliable outcomes. This webinar delves into the optimization and quality control methodologies for the preparation of sequencing libraries in both bulk-ATAC seq and single-cell ATAC seq using the Agilent TapeStation system. Our expert speakers will discuss findings from their study and how it offers insights into improving the efficiency and reliability of ATAC seq library preparations across different scales. Find out how their team investigated and optimized various conditions, including the Tn5 enzyme treatment duration and concentration for bulk-ATAC seq, and further explore the determination of ideal lysis time for efficient nuclear isolation in the context of single-cell ATAC seq.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand how integral quality control is in the ATAC-Seq workflow
  • Learn how to improve the efficiency and reliability of ATAC-Seq library preparations across different scales
  • Discover the importance of lysis and fragmentation conditions during ATAC-Seq library preparation

Certificate of attendance
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