New opportunities in systems pharmacology: How to utilize metabolomics for cancer research
14 Sep 2021

Metabolic profiling of cell line collections has become an invaluable tool in the study of disease etiology, drug modes of action, and to select personalized treatments. However, large-scale in vitro dynamic metabolic profiling is limited by time-consuming sampling and complex measurement procedures. By combining an high-throughput metabolomics platform developed at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology of ETH in Zurich with time-lapse microscopy, Dr. Mattia Zampieri has established a workflow for the large-scale metabolic profiling of adherent mammalian cells and the rapid measurement and analysis of drug-induced dynamic changes in intracellular metabolites.

In this webinar, Dr. Mattia Zampieri, junior PI at the institute, will illustrate how this technology enables them to study the role of aberrant transcriptional regulation in mediating cancer metabolic rewiring and how it can be applied to reveal drug mechanisms of action. This approach opens new opportunities in systems pharmacology and reveals new ways to analyze patient-derived metabolic profiles and the development of alternative therapeutic strategies to counteract upstream reprogramming of cellular metabolism.

Join this webinar to find out how metabolomics is being used to:

  • Study aberrant transcriptional regulation and metabolic rewiring in cancer
  • Reveal drug mechanisms of action
  • Develop innovative and alternative cancer therapies