Multiplexing masterclass one: Is multiplex immunostaining ready for clinical practice?
22 Sep 2020

Since becoming a globally accepted clinical discipline, the field of histopathology has undergone two major revolutions. The subsequent introduction of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and genomic techniques has further enhanced our understanding of tumor biology and redefined the field of precision medicine. Though these techniques still play a major role in pathological research, we are now at the verge of a third histopathology revolution: digital pathology.

In this ‘Multiplexing Masterclass’, produced in partnership with Leica Biosystems, Dr. Jan Von der Thüsen of Erasmus University Medical Centre, Prof. Francesca Bosisio of University of Leuven, and Dr. Dana Adel Mustafa of Erasmus University Medical Centre, share their current research using digital pathology and multiplexing technology to study tumor microenvironments. This series consists of three weekly webinars, starting on Tuesday, September 22 and concluding with a virtual round table discussion on Tuesday, October 13.

Leica Biosystems