Micro-XRF & Raman microscopy: A winning combo for your elemental and chemical analyses
12 Nov 2020

Combining elemental and molecular characterization enables better and faster research for many real-world applications. The pharmaceutical, environmental, and even geochemical sector can benefit from this complementarity of techniques. Micro-XRF provides elemental distribution over a large area without any compromise on sample preparation, while Raman microscopy can depict molecular heterogeneity under the same conditions.

In this webinar, Thibault Brulé and Jocelyne Marciano from HORIBA Scientific will demonstrate how the combination of micro-XRF and Raman microscopy can be used to fully characterize the organic and inorganic layout of samples like tablets, rocks or pollutant particles on filters.

Key learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of how elemental and molecular characterization can be combined to help solve issues across many applications

Who should attend?

  • Advanced academic researchers in pharmaceutical, geochemical and environmental settings
  • Industrial applied and advanced R&D departments in:
    • Pharmaceutical formulation
    • Mining
    • Automotive and transportation
  • Quality control labs:
    • From above-mentioned industries
    • Industrial producers with an interest in pollutant control

HORIBA Scientific