Maintaining laboratory quality standards in an emergency: A COVID-19 case study
16 Jul 2020

In this webinar, Wayne Dimech, Executive Manager - Scientific and Business Relations of the NRL, and Sten Westgard, Director Client Services and Technology for Westgard QC, will assess the landscape for COVID-19 testing, considering the current methods, tests, and protocols and the state of regulations. Here, Dimech and Westgard will shine a light on the current coronavirus knowledge and address what critically is still unknown. This webinar includes a demonstration of how a coordinated approach to quality supports laboratories in navigating through this emergency towards confidence in the release of patient test results for COVID-19 antibodies.

Key learning objectives:

  • Receive an assessment of COVID-19 tests and methods
  • Learn the state of regulations and what to expect
  • Explore the contribution of quality standards in the laboratory to confidence in test results

Who should attend:

  • Clinical, hospital, and reference laboratory stakeholders
  • Laboratory directors, laboratory managers, quality managers, information technology managers
  • Clinical laboratory scientists and technicians
  • Clinical diagnostics platform, equipment, and solutions providers, manufacturers, and suppliers

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