Leveraging a fully connected ecosystem to achieve digital transformation
27 Jan 2022

Organizations have complex and tailored scientific ecosystems, each with its own unique set of processes and challenges. As organizations strive for digital transformation in their laboratories, whether they are just starting to implement a strategy or are fully immersed in the journey, the importance of laboratory orchestration is made very clear. Creating a seamlessly connected laboratory ecosystem will ultimately eliminate challenges, enhance operations, and improve efficiency throughout. 

A fully connected ecosystem provides enormous benefits to a laboratory – allowing scientists to ultimately focus on the science and spend less time on tedious tasks and manual processes. While integration and automation advancements allow laboratories to increase speed, throughput, and precision at a greater pace and on an unprecedented scale. These advancements, including the improvements in digital systems, support data integrity and streamline information retrieval and sharing. 

Seamless laboratory connectivity is critical in moving organizations forward on their digital transformation journey. In this webinar, join Customer Enablement expert, Adam Wheeler, to learn how organizations can better connect their existing ecosystem to optimize their current technology investment, how laboratory orchestration can enable the full potential of digital transformation to improve quality, efficiency, and user experience, and how Thermo Fisher Scientific is leveraging and supporting the connected ecosystem. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to leverage a connected ecosystem to benefit your laboratory processes 
  • Understand how to optimize your current technology investment while implementing technological and scientific advancements
  • The importance of integration and automation, from people to processes to instruments
  • Driving digital transformation with an orchestrated laboratory

Who Should Attend:

  • Laboratory directors/supervisors/managers
  • Scientists/senior scientists/research scientists
  • LIMS administrators 

Thermo Fisher Scientific