Is that a live cell or cell debris? Cell viability meets product purity
22 Oct 2021

Measuring cell viability is an incredibly important step across all applied cell biology, including cell line development for biotherapeutics and cell immunotherapy. However, traditional tools such as flow cytometry and hemocytometry struggle to differentiate between live cells and cell debris and other contaminants due to their workflows.   

In this webinar, Dr. Bernardo Cordovez will show how high-throughput, backgrounded membrane imaging and fluorescence membrane microscopy enables the measurement of cell viability and foreign particle impurities quickly and accurately, in a single workflow. In addition, he details how these techniques can be used to find residual particulate contaminants such as expansion beads, cellular aggregates, and others in concentrated cell therapy solutions. Lastly, Dr. Cordovez will look at how these techniques can be deployed in cell line development of therapeutic proteins to identify protein and cell aggregation quickly and accurately. 

  • Learn about cell viability and how to assess for viable vs. non-viable cells
  • Learn about particle analysis and comprehensive product characterization
  • Find out how high-throughput imaging and membrane microscopy is used to specifically characterize and identify drug product and distinguish it from trace process impurities 
  • Learn how to identify cell lines that produce physically stable biologics 

Halo Labs