Improve CMC productivity through digital lab transformation
22 Sep 2021

In today’s pharma industry, the growing complexity and diversity of therapeutic product lines as well as the acceleration of clinical trial processes, has made the organization of chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) increasingly critical on the path to commercial product launches. Speeding innovative and successful new drugs to patients will therefore require the end-to-end, digital transformation of CMC processes.

In this webinar, discover a digital laboratory solution that enables cross-domain integration and real-time, consistent, synchronized and standardized information flow from R&D to manufacturing. Learn how your CMC teams can automate document creation and laboratory processes to simplify and speed up workflows.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how:

  • "Always-on” digital lab informatics services (SaaS on the cloud) can improve collaborative innovation and productivity across your global CMC organization
  • Automated lab processes secure IP, streamline data acquisition and increase compliance
  • S88-based procedures can standardize data and accelerate technology transfer
  • Customers are leveraging fully digitalized CMC processes with BIOVIA

Who should attend?

  • Any scientist working in discovery, including, but not limited to computational chemists, medicinal chemists, IT staff, lab managers, lab directors and lab researchers.