How to speed up your slide staining workflow without cross-contamination
07 Jul 2020

Human error can significantly inhibit laboratory processes, limit expansion, threaten laboratory credibility, and may result in damaging loss of time and resources. In this webinar, explore a staining process using Aerospray slide stainers to speed up your workflow and reduce errors with no cross-contamination.

Aerospray® slide staining technology has earned recognition, over its 35-year lifespan with nearly 30 patents, for its performance and reliability. Aerospray slide stainers speed up work flow, reduce errors with no cross-contamination, and are the only dual-purpose stainers with cytocentrifugation. In this SelectScience webinar, discover how Aerospray technology can elevate your lab from acceptable to exceptional.

Key learning objectives:

  • The importance of Aerospray® staining and how it works
  • Benefits of automated staining workflows
  • Increased reliability of sample preparation

Who should attend?

  • Lab managers and researchers interested in reducing error and cross-contamination, while increasing throughput for stained slides
  • Those who deal with liquid samples in the lab that need to be cytocentrifuged before examination
  • Those looking for a dual purpose instrument to save laboratory bench space
  • Those looking to increase their understanding in how the Aerospray® slide staining technique has revolutionized slide staining