How to save Time and Money when dispensing: Gravimetric Filling Masterclass
06 Feb 2020

Are you looking to increase your team profitability and facilitate productivity? Then don’t miss this essential fluid handling lab solution webinar.

Join industry experts as they explore the varied benefits of semi-automated filling over manual process. We’ll hear about a gravimetric filling system that promises accuracy ‘to the last drop’ and look at how to fill exactly what you need with less error and handling, while reducing timescale and indirect costs.
Key learning objectives

  • How to gain a consistent and repeatable level of accuracy when dispensing
  • Show the benefits of cost reduction through reduced wastage and time saving
  • How accuracy can make a difference
  • Increased production through semi-automation
Who should attend?
  • Labs that are fluid handling vs filling from low to mid-flow volumes (ml to L)
  • Anyone using a filling/dosing system that is manual and volumetric led
  • Start-up labs, pharma-led labs (cosmetics, vaccines), quality and testing labs who are involved with liquids, and liquid movement
  • Technicians/Production Engineers
  • Supervisors who need to fill or dose a liquid
  • Small-scale food production
  • Academic labs, such as chemistry/chemical engineering

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