How to pipette correctly: An expert guide to techniques and best practices
21 Sep 2021

Pipetting is a cornerstone technique in the laboratory. Achieving consistent, accurate and precise pipetting relies upon the right pipetting tools, technique, ergonomics, and most importantly, the skill and expertise of the operator. In this webinar, liquid handling specialist Steve Beckett, from Thermo Fisher Scientific, will provide training and advice to help you improve your technique and advance your skills so you can handle anything.

Beckett will cover the fundamentals of pipetting techniques, including forward, reverse, and repetitive pipetting, what they are, when to use each technique and the effect on results. He will also provide information on use of air displacement vs positive displacement pipettes and useful advice and quick tips on other key factors affecting accuracy, ergonomics, and the prevention of cross contamination.

By attending this webinar, you will gain:

  • An understanding of good pipetting techniques
  • Awareness of different techniques and when to use each one
  • Increased ability and confidence when pipetting to deliver accurate results
  • Tips and advice on other factors that support accuracy and precision when pipetting

Who should attend?

  • Any scientist working in a life science lab that carries out pipetting will learn something that supports them to pipette accurately and comfortably

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