How to Gain Comprehensive Insights into T Cell Biology Using Advanced Flow Cytometry
25 Jul 2019

Join our upcoming webinar for expert advice on detailed characterization of T cell subsets through assay volume miniaturization, increased assay productivity and faster data analysis

The ex vivo expansion of T cells is a critical process in bio-manufacturing of adoptive cell therapies. Recent clinical studies show a correlation between persistence of subsets of functional memory T cells, including T memory stem cells (TSCM), central memory T cells (TCM) and other less differentiated T cell subsets, are responsible for long-term anti-tumor responses in patient outcomes.

Technologies that can robustly and reliably provide high-content immunophenotypic and functional data are therefore critical for the rapid and robust development of new therapies. To address the need to profile T cell memory subsets and functional cytokine release, a rapid multiparametric assay was developed and evaluated using an advanced flow cytometry platform.

Sartorius Group