Gene modulation in primary human immune cells: Successful strategies and applications for CRISPRko, RNAi and beyond
20 Nov 2020

In this SelectScience webinar, immunology expert Dr. Verena Brucklacher-Waldert, Horizon Discovery, shares successful strategies for the manipulation of genes within physiologically relevant human immune cells. A number of case studies will be presented to highlight the techniques used in a variety of applications employed for gene interrogation, including CRISPRko, RNAi and more.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn how to modulate gene function in primary immune cells
  • Find out how gene modulated primary immune cells can be used to identify new targets
  • Discover how to uncover mechanisms of action or use primary immune cells as a therapeutic tool

Who should attend

  • Researchers carrying out gene editing/modulation
  • Pharma researchers involved in immunotherapy discovery

Horizon Discovery