Fundamentals of advanced spectral cell analysis using the new ID7000 system
09 Apr 2020

In this upcoming webinar, hear from Jeff Clapper, Senior Field Applications Scientist at Sony Biotechnology, to learn all about spectral cell analysis fundamentals, and find out how parametric data can be derived from spectral data via spectral unmixing. The key aspects of spectral cell analysis discussed will be centered on the new ID7000 spectral cell analyzer from Sony.

Clapper will also outline the fundamentals of generating reference spectra and its application within spectral unmixing. He will summarize the benefits of incorporating an autofluorescence reference spectrum during unmixing and highlight the value of employing highly standardized measurements available in the Sony spectral systems, in your research.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The fundamentals of acquiring and analyzing spectral data
  • How parametric data is derived from spectral data via spectral unmixing
  • How reference spectra including autofluorescence can be generated and applied for spectral unmixing
Who Should Attend:

This webinar will provide insights for researchers who want to take multicolor flow cytometry to the next level with spectral cell analysis.

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