Evaluating oncology drugs in patient tumors with preserved native tumor microenvironment
07 Feb 2022

Despite advances in both 3D in vitro human cell-based models and in vivo animal models, 97% of oncology drugs that enter clinical trials fail to receive regulatory approval. Patient-relevant translational systems that better mimic the heterogeneity and molecular/genetic complexity of human tumors are therefore required to:

  • Understand drug effects on native tumor microenvironment (TME)
  • Gain more accurate insights beyond general cell viability
  • Evaluate immuno-oncology drugs including immune checkpoint inhibitors in a non-artificial setting
  • Make better informed decisions about progressing into the clinic with more data

In this webinar, Dr. Nataliia Beztsinna reviews the benefits of a novel 3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform that uses freshly collected patient tumor material and phenotypic high-content imaging analysis to evaluate preclinical drug candidates in a high-throughput format.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Evaluate effects of immunotherapies, including ICIs, with endogenous immune cells or autologous TILs/PBMCs
  • Accurately measure tumor killing, immune cell proliferation, migration, and infiltration
  • Assess single and combination treatments in high throughput
  • Obtain more data to better inform the progression of drug candidates into the clinic

Who should attend:

  • Medical oncologists, pathologists, and immuno-oncology researchers
  • Scientists from pharma, biotech, and academia who work in the field of pre-clinical drug development. Decision makers who want to explore opportunities to reduce the use of animal models.

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