Discovering Novel Immune Biomarkers and Druggable Targets with Seromics
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Seromics, the study of the total secreted antibody repertoire in serum and other bodily fluids, is traditional serology reborn in high throughput. While the field is still emerging, it is already clear that each individual’s serome is incredibly unique, impossibly complex, and yet accessible via proteome microarrays (HuProt™), phage-display immunoprecipitation sequencing (PhIP-Seq, HuScan®, VirScan™), and other new synthetic biology platforms.

Seromics experiments have revealed a viral-induced autoimmune cause of multiple sclerosis, pre-treatment autoantibodies associated with checkpoint blockade immunotherapy outcomes, and the demonstration that autoantibodies can mimic inborn errors of immunity – genetic-knockout-like phenotypes only discoverable via antibody profiling.

Dr. Tyler Hulett, Chief Scientific Officer at CDI Labs, will introduce what might be accomplished via broader application of seromics platforms today and the development needed to interrogate the serome more completely in the future.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand that every individual has a unique and highly complex antibody signature, which can be a critical to understanding disease mechanisms, identifying therapeutic targets, and predicting treatment response
  • Recognize that proteome-wide tools and services for seromic profiling are readily available today
  • Realize that seromic profiling (of autoantibodies and antibodies) is highly informative for all disease research, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases, genetic conditions and even aging

Who should attend?

  • Anyone engaged in human disease research who is interested in understanding the role of the immune system in:
  • Disease etiology
  • Disease progression
  • Identification of therapeutic targets
  • Treatment response

Certificate of attendance
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