Developing an assay platform for screening and characterization of antibody-drug conjugates
17 Mar 2020

Oncogenic mutations of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), a receptor tyrosine kinase, have been identified in a number of carcinomas. More recently, overexpression of mutated ALK has been linked to neuroblastoma cancer cells and is associated with poor prognosis in young patients. While current therapies target intracellular signaling cascades, ALK mutant variants demonstrate kinase inhibitor resistance, and therefore new mechanisms to target these cancer cells are crucial for better treatment.

Join this webinar to discover how researchers at LifeArc are investigating a novel approach whereby cytotoxic agents are conjugated to ALK-specific antibodies as a mechanism of directly targeting ALK-expressing neuroblastoma cells.

This presentation will provide an overview of:

  • LifeArc cell-based assays that utilize advanced flow cytometry and live-cell analysis
  • An assessment of cell cytotoxicity using secondary antibodies conjugated to potent toxins
  • The challenges of screening, from initial stages with hybridoma supernatants, through to candidate antibodies and towards effectively identifying antibodies with the desired properties of an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)
  • Sartorius Group