Detect, discover, diagnose: Uncovering biomarkers to advance non-invasive breath-based diagnostics
29 Sep 2021

Headspace sampling is a simple and elegant method for volatile organic compound (VOC) extraction, which has been successfully used to detect and quantify biomarkers for respiratory disease and liver impairment.

Learn about an optimized method for the detection of key analytes such as aldehydes, alkanes and ketones from culture media samples. The method combines high-capacity sorptive extraction technology with automated thermal desorption (TD), coupled with gas chromatography (GC) separation and mass spectrometry (MS) analysis, to provide reliable detection below 1 ng and high-throughput analysis of samples.

This webinar will showcase how Owlstone Medical, in collaboration with Markes, has developed headspace analytical methods for the detection of volatile biomarkers, putting us much closer to breath-based diagnostics for lung disease and liver impairment.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about HiSorb™ for the extraction and analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds as indicators of disease and organ impairment
  • See how the Centri® platform can fully automate sample extraction & desorption, improving laboratory productivity and analytical sensitivity.
  • Understand how analyte preconcentration, using cryogen-free trapping technology, can be optimized for low-level compounds of interest in complex sample types
  • Hear how the technique helped to overcome complex challenges, enabling the discovery of biomarkers to advance breath-based diagnostics

Who should attend?

  • Laboratories thinking of extending their sample extraction and analysis portfolio to answer growing business and research demands
  • Scientists interested in simplifying and expediting the analysis of complex samples, whether for discovery and development or routine monitoring and quality control
  • Environmental, flavor, scents, toxicology and diagnostics scientists
  • Laboratory managers/directors/supervisors interested in how advanced analytical techniques can provide a competitive edge and expand capabilities

Certificate of attendance

  • All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary for continuing education purposes.

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