Democratizing proteomics with standardized automated sample preparation
15 Dec 2022

Break free from the time, cost, and complexity of manual proteomics sample preparation. This webinar will discuss the challenges of automated proteomics sample preparation and what is needed to overcome these so that scientists can achieve high-quality experimental results and focus their time on more valuable tasks. Attributes such as ease-of-use, experimental design, flexible workflows, and integration into existing proteomics infrastructure will be discussed.

Plus, learn how automated proteomics sample preparation has optimized the pipeline of samples for mass spectrometry analysis at a biopharmaceutical company, Genentech, as well as for clinical research applications at the Mayo Clinic.

Key learning objectives

  • Discover how to standardize proteomics sample preparation
  • Learn about automation of tandem mass tag (TMT) multiplexing workflows
  • Discover automation of label-free proteomics samples
  • Understand the key performance metrics for robust proteomics sample preparation

Certificate of attendance

 All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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