Deep exploration of the genetic dependencies of antibiotic function
19 Jun 2020

Massively parallel microbial strain engineering on a CRISPR-based benchtop platform has enabled the exploration of the genetic dependencies of antibiotic function in unprecedented scale and detail. The ability to design and deliver precisely determined edits throughout the entire E. coli genome has resulted in an unparalleled opportunity to query a diverse population of strain variants for their growth responses to antibiotics from multiple different functional classes.

Find out more in this expert webinar as Dr. Dan Held, Director of Synthetic Biology, Microbial Applications Development, Inscripta, outlines how the knowledge garnered through the use of this strain engineering technology has significant potential to lead to the development of novel therapeutics against our most difficult antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Key learning objectives

  • Introduction to Inscripta’s Onyx™ microbial benchtop digital genome editing platform
  • Example application of genome-wide strain engineering in E. coli
  • Opportunity to explore a deep and comprehensive data set revealing the genetic responses to exposure to different antibiotics

Who should attend?

  • Professional groups: Lab management (director, PI, group leader, dept. chair), core facility manager, professor/instructor, research scientist/staff scientist, postdocs
  • Research areas: Drug target identification, functional genomics, antimicrobial discovery and disease research, industrial bioproduction
  • Technologies of interest: CRISPR, microbial gene editing, genome engineering, synthetic biology, forward engineering of microorganisms
  • Demographic: Scientists located in the USA, Canada, countries part of the EU, and the UK, due to scheduled product availability

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, and a learning outcomes summary document for continuing education purposes.

This webinar is part of the SelectScience Advances in Microbiology Webinar Series >>

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