Comprehensive adeno-associated virus critical quality attributes analysis with LC-MS
09 Feb 2021

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are the main viral vectors for gene therapy and have been successful in treating inherited retinal diseases and spinal muscular atrophy. An AAV is composed of an icosahedral protein shell with a single-stranded genome of approximately 4.7 kb. The intact AAVs act as a vehicle to protect and deliver oligonucleotide therapeutics. As AAVs continue to be explored as therapeutic delivery platforms, it is vital to ensure that all the critical quality attributes of the therapeutic product are maintained.

In this expert webinar, Dr. Wendi Hale, LC-MS applications scientist at Agilent Technologies, and Dr. Michelle English, customer success scientist at Protein Metrics, highlight a workflow to characterize AAVs at the intact and peptide level, including PTM identification, host cell protein analysis, and sequence variants.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn about the utility of mass spectrometry for AAV characterization
  • How mass spectrometry at the intact and peptide level can confirm identification of AAV capsid proteins
  • How AAV modifications such as PTMs and sequence variants can be identified by mass spectrometry
  • How AAV characterization can be speeded up with good analytical tools and software
  • How to correlate orthogonal techniques to fully characterize AAV

Who should attend?

  • Scientists who are interested in learning more about AAV and the critical quality attributes that can be characterized with mass spectrometry
  • Lab managers who need to speed up their analysis
  • Analytical directors in biopharma
  • CROs under time pressure to complete AAV analysis for their clients
  • AAV manufacturers who need to learn how to characterize AAVs
  • Vaccine developers
  • Therapeutics developers and manufacturers

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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