Complete solutions for nitrosamine analysis in different sartans and metformin drug formulations by LC-MS/MS
11 Nov 2020

One of the largest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years is the prevalence of nitrosamine impurities in various drug formulations and products. As this evolves, analytical techniques are necessary to quantitate these impurities within various matrices at challenging levels of sensitivity.

In this webinar, Jack Steed and Pankaj Partani will showcase SCIEX’s solutions for nitrosamine testing using both nominal mass and high-resolution mass spectrometry. Various matrices including sartans and metformin will be covered as well as SCIEX’s solution for NDMA and DMF separation, now that it has been implicated by the FDA to potentially cause elevated analytical results.

Key learning objectives:

  • Use of LC-MS to assist nitrosamine risk assessments
  • Enhancing analytical methods to get more information about your impurities
  • Decide on the most adequate LC-MS technology depending on the analytical need
  • Developing analytical methods in regulated environments
  • Separating and identifying unexpected impurities in your samples

Who should attend?

  • PIs, lab heads, technicians, lab managers and researchers
  • Departments concerned with: Impurities, toxicology, QA/QC, stability tests, drug impurity, analytical development, analytical chemistry, drug development R&D or chemical characterization

Certificate of attendance

Anyone who attends this webinar is entitled to an official SelectScience® Certificate of Attendance including a learning outcomes summary which can be downloaded from the webinar's resources tab.